'Delayed But not Denied'

In the story of Lazarus' death, when Jesus didn't come on the day Mary and Martha sent for him, they were upset. "How could he not come? If he was there Lazarus would not have died."

Jesus used this opportunity to teach us a valuable lesson. When he arrived on the scene, it was already four days since Lazarus died. At that time, I assume that Lazarus' body had begun to smell. How many of us today are in similar situations? Our struggles have been so much and so long, it seems as if God has failed us. As the scripture records, Jesus came and rose Lazarus from the dead and in like manner, he is able to fix whatever situation you may be facing right now. 

He is using your situation to remind you that with him (God) there is nothing that is impossible. He is able to do exceedingly, abundantly above all you can ask, think, or imagine. Trust him, Go through your process. You are DELAYED not DENIED.

Let’s Pray;

Almighty God, we ask you today to help us to remember in our situations, even when we can't see your hand, to be confident in the fact that YOU are God and you will never leave desolate. Help us to remember that with you, NOTHING is impossible. Amen.

Author: Johnoy ‘Godartiste’ Davis

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