Godartiste's Christmas Greetings


The birth of Christ is a phenomenal story that inspires many across the World. It reminds us that in a world filled with misery and Chaos, there is still hope. For me, Christmas now should always be about what it was then, bringing hope to those who are hopeless, Strength to the weak and salvation to those who are lost in sin. This Christmas let us seek to share our time, resources and our love with those among us who are not as fortunate as we are. 

So from me (Godartiste) to you and your family I want to extend Christmas greetings to you and your family this season. I pray that you will be blessed in every way possible and that the spirit of the season will fill your hearts with Love, Joy, Hope and Happiness. Let us rejoice, and with angels sing, all hail our Lord and King. 


Merry Christmas