'Everything Happens for a Reason: God is intentional'

It might seem like a cliché statement that we hear in churches and motivational speeches but I want to say to somebody that it is a fact. 'God allows us to go through processes that will propel us to new heights'. The reality is that if we’re only told what to do and what not to do, we’d be like robots and that is not what God had in mind when he created us. He gives us the freedom to choose right or wrong, up or down, left or right and these choices oftentimes teach us valuable lessonS that we can take with us throughout the rest of our lives.

Have you even been in a situation where stuff happens and at that particular time you were unable to identify why God would allow such a thing to happen to you? I’ve been there on a number of occasions in my walk with Christ and I’ll share an example.

There was a time in my life where I went through so many challenges. It would seem as if nothing was going in my favour. I was extremely broke, my family was distorted, I didn’t have a job or much friends and I couldn't see the purpose of life. Although I was regularly at church even my Christian life was flat. After being in that position for years, it was prophesied that I had a gospel music ministry inside me and when I finally accepted the call to ministry, I was able to use the situations I went through to pen lyrics that have been impacting lives all over the world. If I had not been in those situations, I would not have been able to relate these messages in song.

In scriptures, the bible characters went through good and bad circumstances and those situations are recorded in the word of God as a testimony to us today. Job’s faith shows us that even when we are down to our last, God is still and will always be in control.


As you go through your everyday situations, just be reminded that God is seeing your struggles and that there is purpose in your pain. It might be hard but I assure you that it is easier to hold on that to let go. And the God that does all these fantastic things in scriptures will make a way for you.