Every Stronghold MUST come down

A stronghold is a place that is heavily protected/defended against an opposing force. In the Spiritual, a stronghold is a place that has been captured and heavily guarded by demonic forces. Many of us have been trapped in demonic stronghold and hence our best efforts to break free have been strangled to death. Have you ever wondered why that pornography addiction will not leave? Every wondered about that red hot temper? The habitual lateness? It is a stronghold. The devil sneaks into through the smallest available spaces and identifies our weakness and erects a fortress that is very difficult to break down.

How then can one be freed from this situation? In the bible, we see where Jesus himself was attacked by the devil himself after a time of prayer and fasting. If we pay keen attention to the passage (Mat. 4:1-11) the devil tempted Jesus using things that the flesh would weak to but Jesus was filled with the Spirit after being in the presence of God for 40 days. Hence, his responded through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit and was able to overcome.

The simple point that i am trying to bring across to you, and to myself is this: every stronghold in your life can be broken through prayer and fasting. This was the example the father sought to show us in the passage mentioned above. If we spend quality time in the presence of God, then these habits will be broken down through the power of the Holy Ghost. 

I challenge you today, try the simple method (PRAYER AND FASTING) and call me and let me know if it worked for you. 


Minister Godartiste



Johnoy Davis