Liberty for Jamaica


The Liberty Christian School is an institution based in Argyle Texas that, over the years, have gone into many countries around the world, spreading the good news of Jesus Christ. In 2018, I was fortunate enough to meet a member of their mission team that travelled to Jamaica for REAL IMPACT MISSION 2018.

This year, Real Impact Mission collaborated with Jamaica Youth for Christ and as a result, I was  able to travel with one of the 6 teams that were here in Jamaica. The experience was an amazing one and I would encourage other schools to catch the vision. I journeyed with my team for three (3) days, and made stops at approximately 12 Primary and High school across Kingston and Clarendon (Parishes in Jamaica). During this time I met 2 persons who have left indelible marks on my life; Principal of the Liberty Christian School, Mrs. Heather Lytle and Pastor Preston Philpott. Heather is warm and inviting as a summer afternoon and Preston, unknown to me at first, is a musician and Worship Leader just like myself, and so there and then a permanent relationship was created.  These individuals along with their other leaders, are the most beautiful persons I have ever met and it became quite evident to me that they are a big part of the personality traits I saw displayed by the kids that were with them.


Ministry Observation

While we were on the road, I took keen note of the overall attitude of the team towards ministry and I must say that it was one of love and total dedication. Even when I thought they would be tired, once there was another location to be covered, they were excited and ready to do ministry. I can remember vividly on one particular day, there were only 2 designated stops for my team (team 5.. the greatest team of all times) and I can remember Heather (the Principal) telling me that the guys actually prayed for the Lord to provide them with more stops. When it was announced that more stops were added to the day's activities, I watched the kids celebrate as if they  had just won the lottery. It was evident that these kids are passionate about ministry.

Another observation was that while in transit from one location to the next, the children had to share encounters they had at the previous location. During their conversations, I sensed a genuine love for the Jamaican people and some of them were brought to tears if they thought that they had not done enough to bring their subject to conversion or at some of the stories they encountered. Also, when it was time to share what the Lord has done for them, they were always ready and excited to do so. and thus, on the final day of the trip, it was no surprise to me that over 45 souls said yes to Jesus and were baptised.

I want to use this platform to say thanks to all who made this trip possible. All the team leaders that came, the organizers, facilitators, the over 200 kids, Jamaica Youth for Christ, the caterers, the housing team, bus drivers and just about everyone who contributed to an amazing week of ministry. I can declare that Real Impact Mission 2018 was an overwhelming success. Lives were touch and transformed for the kingdom and to that we say TO GOD BE THE GLORY!