Godartiste & Friends II: Review

Patrons from near and far gathered on the grounds of Jamaica Youth for Christ for the 2nd staging of the Godartiste and friends concert. Those who were present at the first staging were eager to have another experience of the musical feast.

The show firstly got off to a late start but as soon as it began, the experience gradually got greater. The line up was set up in such at way that patrons would be excited about the next minister that would touch the stage. The event began with praise and worship by Malika James, a former winner of the JCDC Children’s Gospel Competition. After worship the Master of Ceremony, Shantell “Ella” Wellington took over and did a marvellous job at hosting the event.

First up were PRO Talks Motivation, who were a part of the promotional team for the event and partners already confirmed for the next staging. After they were through, Kyle Thwaites was invited to the stage to minister for the second year in a row. Up next was Mr. Pepical himself Minister Gray Patch, who received rousing applause during his set.

The sax man, Pastor Jovan Whyte, was next and he showed his versatility alternating from the saxophone to vocals, delivering a warm performance before making way for Gifted Youth Ministry. As promised the event was a diverse one that featured varying kinds of ministry. G.Y.M. came to the stage and released an aroma of worship in the atmosphere that took the concert up to another level. Nexchange was next to grace the stage and he showed that he has been around long enough to master the uses of the stage while in the same breath, delivering a solid performance.

Lucas Musiq: Though many will not understand his concept or style, his genre has been ministering to young people across the length and breadth of Jamaica and by extension the world. At G.A.F this year, he was stellar and many young person listed him as one of their favorite aspects of the ministry package. After he left the stage, we had a segment that took the worship to another level in the realm of the Spirit. We had the melodious sounds of Radikal Weapons and the crazy, anointed, appointed and energetic Pastor Dean Smith. These two ministries were well received and had a packed auditorium singing and praising with them. They were followed closely by the Ministry of The Emeralds, an all male accapella group from the Seventh-Day Adventist Church. Their uniqueness, melodies and creativity combined with some of Jamaica’s most popular gospel songs (done without music) had the crowd eating from their hands. In a survey done at the event, they also were listed as one of most enjoyable acts for the night.

The ministry of Godartiste was next and his ministry was solid. His soothing melodies, anointing, energy and use of stage was enhanced by a well drilled band and amazing supporting vocalists. During his set, Godartiste shared where God has led him and also reiterated the fact that God has given him this vision to minister to children who are less fortunate as he was as a child. He went through his catalogue, entertaining his supporters with a mixture of his songs as well as other popular gospel songs.

Soul Touch Ministry was up next and they delivered a spirit filled performance that was in keeping with the atmosphere that was set by the ministers before them. Minster Lubert Levy closed out with what was a very powerful night of worship in the presence of the Lord. Patrons were treated to some of their favourite songs from the minster like, “By Force", "Roll Jordan", "I feel like going on” and others.


Patrons Review

Without being asked, a number of persons were openly expressing how pleased they were with the way that the event was packaged. Minor glitches were there, for example, the humidity level was at times unbearable, but overall it was a great event. Patrons had this to say:

“Godartiste and Friends Part 2 was literally lit. The performances were great and the audience responded well. It was just the place to be and I'm in high gear for Part 3.”

“It was overall a good show. Some artistes didn’t connect with the audience though. But it was a good show especially in the latter parts of it.”

Another person said:

“Godartiste and Friends was great. The turnout was good but my highlight was the growth that I have seen in Godartiste as a minister. Tonight he ministered under the anointing and my heart was truly blessed.”


I would like to use this medium to say a big thank you to all persons who made this event possible. My Manager, Mr. Dexter Johnson Jr,  my Pastor, Rev. Glendon McNish, Jamaica Youth for Christ, The Dominators Family, The Band, The singers, the Kitchen staff, the security crew, the tuck shop, the ministers, the workers and just about everybody that was a part of the experience.


I am excited and raring to go into our 2019 project as we continue this good work for the cause of Jesus Christ.


Blessings and Peace

Mr. Johnoy J. Davis